Flexi-Lease OR Pure-Rental- You choose.

Here at The Computer Leasing Group we offer two alternative lease packages for business users…

Both include three years support and are unique to us. They do differ in a few waysFlexi-Lease- our traditional option that allows you to own the equipment at the end for a nominal figure and allows you to Renew or after two years. It’s available to Businesses and its flexibility means we can add extra equipment or software at any time.

Pure Rental essentially you ‘hire’ the machine over three years and we collect it at the end. If you did want to buy it at the expiry it would be at the market price. The regular payments are cheaper by circa 18% and you can’t change the kit during the Rental.

Choose flexibility and ownership versus affordability. If you were looking at Car Finance then it’s a similar concept to the alternatives of Lease Purchase or Contract Hire.

The Computer Leasing Group are Authorised IT Distributors and have been trading since 2015 and our team know the ins and outs of leasing and we are all Highly qualified IT professionals. If you need help with your financing choice then contact us, via the contact us page or give us a call.