Protect your new device with Accidental Damage cover.

The Computer Leasing Experts include a comprehensive three years warranty that is standard on all products and on many PCs and Macs. This does not cover accidental damage, loss and theft. 

Our optional Accidental Damage extends the three year warranty to cover your devices that are broken as a result of sudden and unexpected events such as the laptop or desktop computer being dropped or a drink being spilt on it. We will add the cost of the cover to the lease payments which will enable you to spread the cost of the insurance over the period you have the computers. 

As with all Cover, there are some exclusions and if you want to see the full terms please contact us.

Please note there is a maximum claim under this Cover of once per year per device.
Insurance Against Loss and Theft – there is a term/clause within your lease that requires the equipment to be Insured against loss.

If you’re unable to provide details or proof of your own insurance specifically for your new equipment, then your payments may be increased to add an “Asset Protection Fee” (insurance) to the lease. You can forward to us your own Insurance Policy documents and we will forward these on so there are no additional charges made.