How We Work and What We Do

We Don’t Sell IT Hardware, We sell a IT Solution.

The Computer Leasing Group is a company built and run by IT professionals and IT experts who have been trading and working in the IT industry for over 20 years. We specialise in IT leasing for business, and our options include, but are not limited to, Windows PCs (Desktops, Laptops, Mobility Products, Tablets, Phones) Apple products, Data Centre and Network Infrastructure, End User Software, Virtualisation Software/Licensing and Client/Server Software Licensing and anything else your company needs. Having that cutting edge in technology over your competitors is going to propel your company to the top of it game, plus running your business in a cost effective, tax efficient and cash flow positive manner.

We operate all over Australia, and are pleased to be an preferred partners of all the top brands around as well as Apple Authorised. Our team members are well trained and versed on all things Apple, HP, Microsoft, Windows, Office 365, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Citrix, Cisco as we are also Technology Business Specialists.

Our main conviction is to enable the best businesses to be able to work with the best IT equipment and 21st century technology without putting a strain on cash flow and ensuring no capital outlay. Imagine you could access within your business $20,0000, $40,0000 to $500,000 or 1 Million worth of IT equipment without laying down a cent. 

Your IT team and your finance team will find that they have just had their jobs made that little bit easier for them, and you’ll surely benefit from the new equipment and your company will benefit from the monthly repayment being a 100% tax deduction  as well!

No more massive cash outlays, No more deprecation and No more out of date hardware.

The Computer Leasing Group does not sell IT hardware, We sell a IT solution that is efficient in every way for you business. 
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